Christmas gift this year

If you live in Sweden I beleive that nobody missed that this years trending christmas gift has been announced. Every year since 31 years now HUI (Swedish Institute of Retail) look at the current trends in purchases of things and services. They consider trends that are growing and the behaviours of customers. All kinds of products have passed along and everything from last years electrical bike, to baking machine (1988) or a cellphone(1992) has been chosen.

The criterias that normally gives the direction is that it has to be something that is considered new, or that has been given extra attention during the year. It has to be sold in large quantities and represent the time we live in.

This year they have chosen reused garments.

An extract from the nomination translated by yours truly, says:

The Christmas Gift of the year 2018 – the recycled garment- reflects the swedish consumers interest in new sustainable alternatives and increasing wory about climat an environment. With the recycled garment we capture a period where new business modells and technical innovations are being born and together can create a more sustainable consumption.

For me and many others that are into second hand and re-use, this is a great thing given that we really over consume and live far beyond our resources. The product is not new, and I’m not sure if it sells in large quantities. Maybe increasingly now. All i know that in Sweden we buy and throw away 13-15 kgs clothing per year. This figure is completely insane to me, how much do we actually then buy and also give to charity.

It has been estimated that we would need 4,2 globes to find resources to live as enerygy consuming as we do in the western world. So all of us really need to consider to use less of basically everyting, and to be smarter about how we renovate and maintain what we already have.


I was interviewed about the news at Brewhouse and I truly promote services and purchases that support circular echonomy and to use second hand whenever possible. You can find the interview here  on the blog(sorry only Swedish).

So now what?! Are we supposed to go out and buy 241 new-old used pieces of clothes to look smashing for all december happenings coming up? Well hold your horses and take a moment to think, what did we just say about resources….

Consider to buy less, for a starter – then buy reused and recyled clothing(goes for the rest of everything you buy). Have clothes swaps with friends and have a nice moment to hang out as well. Clean your clothes gently, sew back on the buttons trying to escape you.

Fix what you already have, always and forever and save some bucks as well.

And just buy what you R-E-A-L-L-Y love .

If you feel inspired and want to know more about sustainable fashion, check out the blog of Swedish Johanna Nilsson on Slowfashion and instagram . (Oh, and don’t miss to check out her fab jewlery.)

Have a nice day – whatever outfit you rock today and keep your stuff rocking onwards into the future!

/Yours Annika


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