Recycling your packaging

How to send packages without using cardboard.

Recently I purchased some climbing gear online from a well known rather big supplier of outdoorsy products. As an add on I could choose to spend about 3€ more on the order and get a packaging method that has been around for some time but I’ve never had the chance to try before. This time however I chose to add the small cost and get the Re-Pack packaging method. Below you can se the flow of the packaging.

My goods arrived in a neatly taped up reusable black fiber re-inforced plastic container(or envelope if you’d like) from Original Repack. It says it can be re-used up to more than 20 times before it has to be discarded. The company on the homepage states that

” Best of all, RePack reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% and there is no trash. “

I love the idea behind it and it was really easy to use, just fold up again and put on the closest mail box or return to your closest post office. Of course there is waste in the end, but as long as that waste is being taken care of in a proper manner, it feels alright.

The products that was on the inside was almost as interesting as the packaging itself. Slackline and climbing equipment for springtime fun. 🙂

Hoping to see more of these kind of solutions in the future with circularity and reuse services in focus. Do you know of similar return services or sustainable packaging options? Would be fun to know more about what’s out there.

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