Furniture fair Gothenburg

Two months to go and I’m super excited to be attending the furniture fair in Gothenburg the 27-28th of August, 2019. For me I’m attending a fair for the first time ever. It is still a very new fair only doing its 2nd year, and the first in Svenska Mässan in the central parts of the city. The venue is hosting numerous events and fairs all throughout the year with focus on everything from horse competitions, to craft and medicine research. Given the location and that they are expanding this year of course hope for huge crowds that wants to visit the two day event.

Being the first time showing up my work to a wider audience, it is hard to know what to expect in terms of feedback, result and hopefully resulting in some collaborations.

The key focus for me in finding co-partners is that the sustainability aspect is super important! So all of you businesses – big or small that wants to work with Tyken Design, shout now. I’ll be taking care of the designing in a sustainable matter to your needs. Are you decorating a hotel or restaurant and need a bit of fun interior, let me know how I can help out.

These three pieces will be shown, with a few more that are on the drawing table/workshop pieces currently! 🙂 Keep your eyes open! And if you are in the furniture/decoration business -sign up of course! Pre-registration will open up shortly at the home page of Möbelmässan.

Hope to see you there, and have a fantabulous* weekend!


*Fantabolous=fantastic+fabolous ;-P

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