Svanen – not only an animal

What about the communication around sustainable eco labeled products?

If you know me since before you might have noticed that sustainability is a really big thing in my design process. I only use re-claimed yarn in my textile pieces, the wood in my furniture is scrap wood. I work with designing so the furniture can be flat packed and the surface treatment is based on vegetable oils. So yes, I try to consider the different steps in my design as much as possible – but there’s always more that can be done. Do you have any handy tips that you work with in your production line, marketing and supplier selection? Since I’m a one woman show company, all choices fall in my lap – and I’m constantly trying to learn more. So, I found this online seminar that I attended today.

Svanen miljömärkning logo
Logo of Norgic Swan Ecolabel

Svanen” or “Nordic Swan Eco Lable” is a renowned sustainability labelling, that is connected to a non profit organisation that has been around since 1989. Their aim is to make it easier for consumers to find more sustainably aware products. Initially they labelled toilet paper and laundry detergent, but has now evolved to include housing, hotels, furniture (yep my focus area). These days you can even look up how to invest in sustainable funds among the 20 000 different products and services.

The focus today was on how to communicate around the sustainable work that companies are doing, in order not to greenwash* or intimidate consumers – in other words us. Some of my key take away was to make the information:

  • Focus on positivity and solution
  • Make it easy to understand and short
  • Tell a story that engages
  • Make it social and interactional to do and share
  • Highlight a few important areas in order to not overflow with information.

For the really engaged (Swedish speaking) person you can watch the full 3 hour seminar here at Svanens homepage.

I’d be so interested to hear about your best practice and thoughts on communication. How do you get your message out? And off course – What would you like to know about my company?

Have a great day – love Annika

*Greenwashing – to make claims that you cannot support or live up to in terms of sustainability and environmental impact. Read more on Medium.

PS: I’ll share more thoughts on Svanen and other eco labelling in other post. DS.

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