Hallway storage

This shelf came out of the assignment to create your own project and where I lived we had a very small shoe rack. My boyfriend at the time had size 48,5 (EU size) so every time he placed his shoes on the shoe rack there was about 1/3 of his shoes still hanging over into the open air. Therefore the measure is deeper than a regular storage, and also rather tall to fit both his and my heights. Since I’ve moved a lot during my lifetime it was important for me to make it possible to collapse.

The shelf is made out of 21 longer pieces of oiled ash, that interlocks with small pins in each corner. It leans against the wall and is more or less stabilized from the weight of itself, and can be secured with a few screws.

I did alot of testing and pre-modelling to get the right angles and meassures. Several tries of 1:1 pieces of models and scale models were made before the final product was created.

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